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VR Motion-acquisition Virtual Reality

VR Motion-acquisition Virtual Reality

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Product Introduction:

Immerse yourself in interactive experiences with VR Motion-Acquisition Virtual Reality technology! Explore the world of virtual reality with motion-sensing capabilities that enhance your immersive adventures. Dive into virtual environments where your movements influence the virtual world. Experience a new level of interaction and engagement with VR Motion-Acquisition Virtual Reality, where your actions shape the virtual experience.

Color classification: Ultraleaf brand new bag

Product size: 8 * 2.9 * 1.1cm
Outer package size: 12.5 * 12.5 * 5.3cm
Weight: 233g
Material: metal
Attachment: Leap Motion, 2 data cables, English instructions, welcome card

Packing list: 

1* Leap Motion, 2* data cables, 1*English instructions, 1*welcome card

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