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Rick and Morty Small tinplate tray

Rick and Morty Small tinplate tray

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Rick and Morty Small Leaf Design Metal Cigarette Tray - Stylish and FunctionalExperience the elegance of our Small Leaf Design Metal Cigarette Tray, crafted from durable tinplate. Enhance your smoking experience with this stylish and practical tray, perfect for organizing and displaying your tobacco essentials.Three Benefits of Having a Tray:Organization: Keep your smoking accessories neat and tidy in one designated spot.Convenience: Have all your tobacco essentials within reach for easy access and enjoyment.Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your smoking rituals with a decorative tray that adds a touch of style to your space.

Additional Function: Storage
Color Options: S-2 Kid gun, S-1 Doctor gun, S-3 Shadow, S-4 Sunglasses, S-5 Head, S-6 All Black, S7-S17 Trays
Specification: 18 * 14 * 1.5 cm

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