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StrongPull Dog Leash Small, medium and large dogs

StrongPull Dog Leash Small, medium and large dogs

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Ensure control and safety during walks with the StrongPull Dog Leash suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. This sturdy leash provides a reliable grip and durability, catering to dogs of all sizes for a secure and enjoyable walking experience.

Material: leather
Color classification: Black Red Blue
Whether it is scalable: scalable
Suitable for: cat
Applicable size: L

  • Size

    • Nylon dog leash
    • Chew Resistant
    • Lightweight premium rope will never hurt your arm from your canine buddy pulling too hard.
    • Our padded handle DOESN'T RUG BURN YOUR HANDS while still helping you maintain a tight hold on your furry companion.
    • 6ft long,  just to give your dog enough room for loose leash walking and extended sniffing.
    • Heavy duty, SUPER STRONG CLIP HOOK that ensures your best friend will never run away while jogging.
    • The excellent fabrics make it harder for your puppy to chew and destroy this tether.
    • Excellent for any dog size including Labrador Retriever Yorkshire Terrier Beagle Boxer Dachshund Poodle Chrysanthemum Bulldog Alaskan Samoyed Shepherd Su Mu Golden Tibetan mastiff, just to name a few.
    • DURABLE DESIGN : This rope leash will serve you as a puppy training leash and will always stick with you all the way as your puppy grows into a heavy adult dog.
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