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S.O.E.M.E. Wireless Charger

S.O.E.M.E. Wireless Charger

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Introducing the S.O.E.M.E. Wireless Charger - the ultimate accessory to power up your phone wirelessly while immersing yourself in the game of life. Get yourself or a friend a chic souvenir that combines functionality with style. 


Imagine the convenience of charging your phone wirelessly as you delve into gaming adventures or navigate daily tasks. The vibrant colors not only add a pop of excitement but also serve as a gentle nudge to stay active and engaged in the game of life. 


With its sleek design and virtual reminder feature, the S.O.E.M.E. Wireless Charger is more than just a charging device - it's a motivator to stay connected, stay charged, and stay in the game. Experience the future of charging with this innovative accessory that blends technology with motivation seamlessly. Elevate your charging experience and embrace the wireless revolution with S.O.E.M.E.

Wireless charging is cool by itself, but creating a personalized wireless charger to do all that touch-free magic, is even cooler. Discover our 10W personalized wireless phone charger that’s compatible with all the latest iPhone and Android models that are wireless charging enabled. Each charger can be printed on with high-fidelity sublimation prints and ships with a micro USB cable.

.: Materials: 100% aluminum casing, 100% acrylic face plate
.: One size: 3.93" (10 cm) in diameter, 0.3" (0.8 cm) tall
.: Black base color
.: Includes 47''(120cm) micro USB cable

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