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S.O.E.M.E Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

S.O.E.M.E Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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Imagine surprising your friend with the Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – a cool store gift that they would absolutely love. Picture the excitement on their face as they unwrap a sleek and rugged speaker designed for their outdoor adventures and music enjoyment.


Your friend would appreciate this gift for its versatility and functionality. They can take the speaker on hiking trips, camping adventures, picnics in the park, or even just enjoy it in their backyard while relaxing. The ability to bring high-quality sound with them wherever they go would surely resonate with them.


Not only does the Blackwater speaker offer excellent audio quality, but its durability and portability make it a practical and thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys outdoor activities. Your friend would value the convenience of having a reliable Bluetooth speaker that can withstand the elements without compromising on sound performance.


By gifting your friend the Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, you're giving them the gift of enhanced outdoor experiences, the joy of music in any setting, and a stylish accessory that complements their adventurous spirit. It's a gift that would bring a smile to their face and add a touch of excitement to their outdoor escapades.

Add your soundtrack to any adventure with the Blackwater Bluetooth outdoor speakers. This IPX6-certified waterproof speaker takes any hiking trip head-on. Its compact size along with the included carabiner clip & micro USB charging cable, make it the ideal companion for listening to your favorite tunes while exploring. Bluetooth working range - 33 ft, 2 hours of music at max volume.

.: Compact size
.: Built-in microphone and music controls
.: Carabiner clip included
.: IPX6 Water Resistant
.: NB! Small text and graphics may not render properly due to the holes in the speaker grill

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