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Peace Be Still Foam Yoga Mat

Peace Be Still Foam Yoga Mat

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Experience serenity and tranquility with the "Peace Be Still Foam Yoga Mat." Envision stepping onto your mat, embracing a moment of stillness and peace as you deepen your practice. Find your center, calm your mind, and elevate your yoga experience with this soothing and supportive mat designed to enhance your journey towards inner harmony. Breathe in, and breathe out with style. These custom print yoga mats can now accommodate your designs and add a personal touch to your yoga sessions.  Made with foam material, these printable yoga mats are lightweight, cushion you from impacts, and measure 24" x 72" x 0.25" in size. Namaste! NB! This mat is fulfilled with a digital inkjet printing technique that transfers designs line by line. This means that faint horizontal lines might be visible on the final product. .: One size: 24″ x 72" (61cm x 183 cm) .: 0.25" (0.65cm) thick .: Material: 100% foam (synthetic thermoplastic) .: Edge to edge print .: Lightweight

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