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StarStream Ocean Projector

StarStream Ocean Projector

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**Meta Description:** Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of the StarStream Ocean Projector, featuring a mesmerizing ocean star projection that creates a soothing atmosphere perfect for bedtime or meditation. With remote and music control, synchronize the lighting effects with your favorite tunes for an immersive experience. Elevate your environment with the enchanting allure of the StarStream Ocean Projector.  
**Content:** Experience the magic of the ocean with the StarStream Ocean Projector, the ultimate way to create a mesmerizing aquatic wonderland in any space. This night light projector features a breathtaking ocean star projection that sets a soothing and relaxing ambiance, ideal for bedtime rituals or meditation sessions.

With the convenience of remote control mode and music synchronization, you can adjust the settings and ambiance to suit your mood. Control the colors, speed, brightness, music, and more with the touch of a button. The StarStream Ocean Projector brings the tranquility of the ocean into your home, adding a touch of serenity to bedrooms, living rooms, and relaxation spaces.

- Input Voltage: 110-220V
- Output Voltage: 5V/2000mA
- Product Power: 8W, Power Supply: USB Cable
- Music Mode: U Disk, Card Reader, Bluetooth
- Bluetooth Number: xwg-102
- Packing Material: Color Box
- Box Size: 17*17*16cm / 6.69*6.69*6.29 inches
- Product Size: 14*13.5*13cm / 5.51*5.31*5.11 inches
- Net Weight: 0.6kg

Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of the StarStream Ocean Projector, creating a tranquil and immersive aquatic experience right in your own home.

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