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Metal Large LED Light Tray Cigarette Tray

Metal Large LED Light Tray Cigarette Tray

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**Metal Large LED Light Tray Cigarette Tray - Organize and Illuminate Your Smoking Experience**

Discover the elegance of our Metal Large LED Light Tray, crafted from durable tinplate for a stylish and practical solution to organizing and displaying your tobacco essentials.

**Three Benefits of Having a Tray:**
1. **Organization:** Keep your smoking accessories neat and tidy in a designated spot.
2. **Convenience:** Easily access all your tobacco essentials for a seamless smoking experience.
3. **Aesthetic Appeal:** Elevate your smoking rituals with a decorative tray that adds style to your space.

**Product Information:**
- **Product Name:** LED Light Panel
- **Product Code:** 016z
- **Product Material:** ABS
- **Product Packaging:** Carton
- **Product Weight:** 0.06 kg
- **Product Size:** 29.5*18.5*3.5 cm
- **Product Color Options:** Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Pink
- **Packing Quantity:** 24
- **Box Size:** 61*33*41.5 cm

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