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Purrfect Playland Funhouse

Purrfect Playland Funhouse

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Introducing the "Purrfect Playland Funhouse" - a multi-functional fun cat playhouse that combines various engaging elements to entice your feline friend's playful spirit.

1. Features a twirling catstick, a large cat mint ball, and a transparent cat hole.
2. Includes two plastic balls, a glowing ball, a large feather, and 3 plush balls.
3. Shell features various-sized cat holes for endless interactive opportunities.
4. Twirling cat teaser stick with exceptional tenacity and elasticity.
5. Large anti-knocks-over chassis with non-slip rubber pads.

Additional features:
1. Safe material and design with food-grade ABS and curved design.
2. Enlarged and enriched catnip ball for feline delight.
3. Washable anti-skid pads that leave no glue residue.
4. Safe and durable with food-grade ABS and curved design.
5. Enhances feline curiosity and playfulness while promoting dental health.

[Safe material and design] Crafted from food-grade ABS, this toy is robust, durable, and free from harmful BPA, PVC, and phthalates. With its curved design, you can rest assured that your cat will play safely and joyfully in this charming playland.

Product information:

Material: plastic
Product category: cat toys
Color: cat treasure box (lake blue), cat treasure box (yellow)

Product size: 310*251*185mm
Carton size: 258*141*258mm

Packing list:

Cat toy*1



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