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Love me Metallic Mug (Silver\Gold)

Love me Metallic Mug (Silver\Gold)

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Introducing our Love me Metallic Mug in Silver and Gold, where elegance meets functionality. Elevate your drinking experience with these mugs featuring a striking metallic finish that adds a touch of luxury to your daily indulgence. With eye-catching design and robust construction, these mugs offer style and durability, bringing a sense of opulence to your drinkware collection.

Personalize your metallic coffee mugs to start or end your day on a high note. These 11oz ceramic mugs are available in Gold or Silver coatings for an extra flashy look. Customize with your designs on one or both sides to bring your favorite mug to life. Please note that Black designs print best due to the coating nature, and White designs will be transparent.

- Gold or Silver metallic coating
- Size: 11oz (0.33 l)
- C-handle for comfortable grip
- Please note no actual precious metals are used in making these mugs
- Lighter design colors will appear more transparent on the final product

Add a touch of glamour to your coffee routine with our Love me Metallic Mug in Gold or Silver, creating a luxurious and stylish addition to your beverage enjoyment.

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