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Little Pillow For Cats Fashion Neck Protector

Little Pillow For Cats Fashion Neck Protector

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Meta Description: Provide your pet with a cozy and calming pillow for improved sleep and relaxation. This plush pet bed features safe materials, is washable for convenience, and promotes a sense of security and comfort for your furry friend.
Content: Treat your furry companion to the comfort of the Little Pillow for Cats Fashion Neck Protector, designed to provide a soft and cozy sleeping surface that's gentle on noses and paws. This small half-donut cat bed is perfect for cats or small dogs up to 10lbs, offering enhanced snuggling comfort and support for better sleep and overall health.The raised rim and super-soft filling of this pet pillow contribute to a sense of security and relaxation, promoting a calmer and friendlier behavior in your pet. Crafted from high-quality polyester and acrylic fabrics filled with plush polypropylene filling, this macaron color donut-shaped pet bed ensures a smooth and delicate texture.The washable design allows for easy maintenance, as the pillow can be machine washed and dried to minimize odors and excess hair. Ensure your pet's comfort with this cozy and washable Little Pillow for Cats Fashion Neck Protector.

Product Information:
Product Category: Sleeping Pillow
Material: plush
Weight: 62g
Specification: 27*17*6cm
Color: white, blue, yellow

Packing List:
Plush pet toy x1

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