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Interactive LED Laser Rolling Cat Toy Ball

Interactive LED Laser Rolling Cat Toy Ball

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1. Cat toy with vibrant dual-color modes and playful features for kittens.
2. Enhanced with natural catnip for an invigorating play experience.
3. 360° rotating ball and color LED indicators for engaging independent play.
4. Automatic shutdown feature and USB charging capability for extended usage.

1. Provide interactive entertainment and exercise for pets.
2. Adapt to spaces and obstacles for continuous engagement.
3. Simple to use for easy entertainment.
4. Engage pets with captivating LED light play.
5. Enjoy long-lasting playtime with rechargeable design.

1. Material: Transparent ABS environmentally friendly plastic.
2. Packaging: 1 piece in blister packaging.
3. Size: Diameter of battery type: about 6.4cm, diameter of charging type: about 7.0cm.
4. Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery.

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Cat toy ball set*1

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