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TransformaFrisbee FetchBall

TransformaFrisbee FetchBall

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Introducing the TransformaFrisbee FetchBall, the ultimate toy for dynamic and interactive play with your pet. 

Key Features:
1. **Dynamic Play**: Enjoy the transforming Frisbee-Ball for engaging and exciting play sessions.
2. **Versatile Fun**: Versatile toy suitable for bounce-back frisbee, training, teething, tug of war, and water play.
3. **Interactive Training**: Strengthen the bond with your pet through interactive fetch games.
4. **Mental Health Benefits**: Promote social play, reduce anxiety, and release pent-up energy for a healthy and happy pet.
5. **Portable Design**: Easily flatten for convenient storage and transport, ideal for spontaneous adventures with your furry friend.

Product Information:
- Function: Bite-resistant
- Category: Toy Ball
- Material: PP+ABS
- Size: Sphere - 145.5 x 145.5 x 141.5mm

Packing List:
- 1 x Dog Toy

Elevate your playtime with your pet using the TransformaFrisbee FetchBall, the versatile and interactive toy designed to bring joy and excitement to every fetch and play session.

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