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TimberBass Home Theater Speaker

TimberBass Home Theater Speaker

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**Meta Description:** Transform your cinematic experience with the TimberBass Home Theater Speaker, featuring a wooden subwoofer for deep, immersive bass and powerful audio performance. Crafted with precision and elegance, this speaker creates a theater-like atmosphere in your home for an unforgettable audio adventure.  
**Content:** Elevate your home entertainment with the TimberBass Home Theater Speaker, the missing piece to your cinematic experience. This speaker is meticulously crafted with precision and elegance, offering a wooden subwoofer that delivers deep, rich bass for an immersive audio experience that brings your favorite movies to life.

With a stylish design and powerful audio performance, the TimberBass Home Theater Speaker creates a theater-like atmosphere in the comfort of your home, ensuring that your movie nights are complete with exceptional sound quality. Indulge in an audio adventure like never before as this speaker fills your room with immersive sound.

- Power Cord Length: 1 Meter
- Gross Weight: 6 KG
- Frequency Response Range: 40Hz-20KHZ
- Output Power: Up to 200W
- Maximum Output Power: 60W
- Additional Features: Bluetooth Connection, AUX Interface
- Speaker Unit: 4 Inches Bass, 2.75 Inches Treble
- Host Type: Power Amplifier Without Disc Drive
- Number of Bass Speakers: 1
- Number of Surround Speakers: 2
- Host Play Disc Format: DVD
- Number of Front Speakers: 2
- Video Connection Method: None
- Speaker Connection Method: Analog Transmission
- Number of Center Speakers: 1
- Speaker Box Material: Wooden

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