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Gradient Color 6D Mink Fake Eyelashes

Gradient Color 6D Mink Fake Eyelashes

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Full of personality style!
BABA colored eyelashes have a looming effect just like applying eyeshadow~
The roots of the eyelashes are black, which acts like an eyeliner, making the eyes look bright and energetic
Color gradient from the root
It is a distinctive and personalized false eyelash product

Product information:

Material:  Imitation mink

False eyelash stem category: plastic black stem

Style: thick section

Lifting 6DS01, Lifting 6DS02, Lifting 6DS03, Lifting 6DS04, Lifting 6DS05, Lifting 6DS06, Lifting 6DS07, Lifting 6DS08, Lifting 6DS09, Lifting 6DS10, Lifting 6DS11, Lifting 6DS12. Pull box 6DS01 pull box 6DS02, pull box

How to remove false eyelashes:
When removing the false eyelashes, gently remove it, don't tear it through! When tearing it, try to be as close to the root of the false eyelashes as possible. Before tearing, distinguish the real and fake eyelashes by hand. Make sure you are holding false eyelashes, not real eyelashes and then tear it off. It is better to tear it from the end of the eye to the inside of the eye. If you want to make the false eyelashes live longer, it is best not to use the eye remover to apply it and then tear it! Of course, the false eyelashes are definitely not applied--it will be finished in one time. If you don’t mind the shorter lifespan, I hope you can apply it with a remover before tearing it off. It’s okay to tear it off each time. The roots of the false eyelashes will have dried glue. If you don’t try to clean them up, the glue on the roots of the eyelashes will be The eyelashes will become thicker and thinner and soft, and the stalks will become thicker because of the accumulated glue, so that the life of the eyelashes is short!

How to remove eyelash glue:
Use a cotton pad to stick alcohol and ice water! Then gently wrap the roots of the torn eyelashes so that the roots of the 2 eyelashes are completely wrapped in the cotton pad and bend and adjust the roots to a natural arc to make up for it. The eyelashes deformed by tearing the eyelashes and removing the eyelash glue, put it back in your box! Hold the eyelashes near the root--slowly tear off the eyelash glue with your hands-usually it can be removed very clean in three or two strokes . After tearing, bend the eyelashes slightly and adjust the roots to a natural arc to compensate for the deformation of the eyelashes caused by tearing the eyelashes and removing the eyelash glue, and put it back in your box!

Packing list:

1 pair  Fake eyelashes*1

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