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Good Pet Clippers

Good Pet Clippers

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Ensure your pet's grooming routine is top-notch with the Good Pet Clippers. These reliable and efficient clippers make grooming a breeze, providing professional results and convenience for pet owners.

Unleash pure happiness in your pet's life and forge an even stronger bond with them using our transformative pet product specially tailored for cats and dogs 

Name: Professional Pet Clipper
Voltage: 110- 240V
Battery: large capacity rechargeable battery
Product size: 4.5*18cm
Blade material: Titanium ceramic blade
Product frequency: 50/60HZ
Charging time: about 300 minutes
Battery life: about 70 minutes
Size adjustment: 1.3-1.6-1.9
Product accessories: mouthguard/lubricant/cleaning brush
USB data cable
4 positioning combs (3mm/6mm/

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