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Entertaining Food Roller

Entertaining Food Roller

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Meta Description: Explore a range of interactive toys for dogs, cats, and pets to provide hours of fun and stimulation. Keep your furry friends active and engaged with this entertaining toy for playful and joyful experiences.
Content: Discover our Funny Interactive Toy designed for dogs, cats, and pets, offering entertainment and engagement. This toy provides hours of fun and stimulation, keeping your pets active and entertained while promoting playfulness and exercise. Ideal for small and medium dogs, this toy features a quacking sound during movement, adding an element of excitement. Fill it with your pet's favorite snacks to keep them engaged and attracted to playtime.

Material: ABS
Place of Origin: Dongguan
Product category; throwing toys
Number of boxes; 80
Weight; 0.4
Color; blue, pink, green, yellow, black

Package Content
1 x Dog Treat Leaking Toy

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