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Electric children's hair artifact

Electric children's hair artifact

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Hair Braided Device Electric Children's Hair Braided Toy Three Strand Double Twist Dreadlocks DIY Tool


Product Name: Electric braided device
Product features: automatic braiding
Applicable age: 6 years old or older
Product packaging: gift box packaging
Product packaging size: Approx.40*31cm/15.75*12.20in.

Steps for usage:
1. Evenly separate the accessories, three hairs.
2. Fix the three hooks in front of the tweezers with three equal hairs.
3. Pull the hook into the long tube from below.
4. The hook of the hair hooked into the scorpion.
5. Automatic switch, start weaving
6. Grab the braided tweezers and tie the rubber band to the tail.

Product acessories:
Electric hair braider*1
Rubber band about *30
Rubber band fixer*6
Ribbon *1
Hair stick*3
Fixed strip *1

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