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Pawsome Suction Ball

Pawsome Suction Ball

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Enhance your dog's playtime and dental health with the 'Pawsome Suction Ball', a versatile and engaging interactive toy. This unique toy features a suction cup design that allows for exciting tug-of-war activities while promoting dental hygiene with its tooth-cleaning toothbrush. Ideal for pet owners looking to keep their furry companions entertained and maintain good dental health. Elevate your dog's toy collection with this essential tool that combines playfulness and dental care effectively.

Item No.: Sucker Drawstring Ball
1. The sturdy suction cup ensures secure attachment to surfaces, providing worry-free play
2. Dogs can independently enjoy tug-of-war, offering owners more free time
3. The innovative leaking teeth cleaning design adds an extra element of fun
Available in various color options:
A: Red and Blue
B: Red and White
C: Green
D: Blue
E: Leaky Ball Red and Blue
F: Leaky Ball Red and White

Bring joy and dental care together for your dog with the 'Pawsome Suction Ball' - a must-have toy that promotes both entertainment and dental hygiene in a playful manner.

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pet toy ball *1


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