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SniffyPaws Silicone Scented Mat

SniffyPaws Silicone Scented Mat

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Introducing the SniffyPaws Silicone Scented Mat - a sensory delight for your furry companion! This innovative mat is crafted from high-quality silicone and infused with delightful scents to captivate your pet's senses. Perfect for mealtime, playtime, or relaxation, the SniffyPaws mat provides a multi-sensory experience that engages your pet's sense of smell while offering a soft and durable surface for various activities. Treat your pet to a world of scents and textures with the SniffyPaws Silicone Scented Mat - where every moment becomes a delightful adventure!

1. Silicone Smelling Mat: Creates a comforting home environment for pets.
2. Unique pet slow-feeder dog bowl for dogs and puppies.
3. Different textures reduce eating speed and promote dental health.
4. Specifications: Various colors and sizes available.
5. Material: High-quality silicone for durability.

Product Name: pet slow food mat
Category: Pet tableware
Function: multifunctional pet-licking pad
Small size: 30 * 20 * 4.2cm
Large size: 43 * 288 * 4.2cm

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