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Dog Chews Teeth Sticks Dog Snacks Training Bones

Dog Chews Teeth Sticks Dog Snacks Training Bones

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Product information:

Ensure your furry companion's dental health with Dog Chews Teeth Sticks, a nutritious and satisfying snack for your pet. These training bones not only satisfy your dog's chewing instincts but also promote dental hygiene, keeping their teeth strong and healthy while providing a tasty treat during training sessions. 

Material: Buffalo leather, dog chews
Style: trendy and fashionable
Features: Molar
Colour: Picture color

Size Information:

2.5 inches: length 5.5cm, head width 2cm
3.5 inches: length 8cm, head width 2.8cm
4.5 inches: length 10cm, head width 3.5cm
6.5 inches: length 16cm, head width 4.8cm
8.5 inches: length 21cm, head width 5.5cm
10.5 inches: length 26cm, head width 6.5cm
12.5 inches: length 31cm, head width 6.5cm

Packing list:

Dog chew*1

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