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Dimensional Vision: Virtual Red & Blue Eye Glasses

Dimensional Vision: Virtual Red & Blue Eye Glasses

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Step into a new dimension with Dimensional Vision: Virtual Red & Blue Eye Glasses! Immerse yourself in a vivid and captivating world with these innovative glasses designed for dimensional viewing. Explore virtual realities with enhanced depth and realism, experiencing entertainment like never before. Discover the magic of virtual dimensions with Dimensional Vision's Red & Blue Eye Glasses, your gateway to a mesmerizing visual experience.
- Enjoy enhanced 3D visuals for an engaging and immersive visual adventure
- Material: Plastic, Frame material: Plastic, Lens material: PE
- Lens color: Red Blue, Anti-UV Rating: 3, Strength: Soft
- Style: Cool, Red and blue eyes, Frame color: Black
- Glasses structure: Frame, Perfect for elevating your viewing experience  

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