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Computer Chair Home Office Gaming

Computer Chair Home Office Gaming

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Product information:

Optimize your gaming environment with the Gaming Computer Chair in a striking red color featuring a pedal. Ideal for office settings, this chair is crafted from durable leather material, ensuring both comfort and style. With a nylon foot specification and a design that embodies modern simplicity, this chair adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. Enjoy a comfortable and stylish gaming experience with this sleek and functional Gaming Computer Chair designed for modern simplicity in office settings.

Looking for the perfect computer chair for your home office or gaming setup? Explore our range of stylish, ergonomic chairs designed to enhance your comfort and productivity during long hours of work or play.

Fabric material: artificial leather
Whether it can be lifted and lowered: yes
Foot material: nylon foot aluminum alloy foot steel foot
Whether with pedal: yes
Power supply: USB
Style: (latex cushion + backrest) send massage

Packing list:
Chair*1+Data Cable*1

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