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Clock DIY Kit RainbowDigitalTube Clock Kit

Clock DIY Kit RainbowDigitalTube Clock Kit

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Introducing the Clock DIY Kit Rainbow Digital Tube Clock Kit, a customizable color rainbow clock that offers a unique and vibrant display. Each digit can be personalized to your favorite color or set to a gradient aurora effect, allowing for a dynamic and colorful clock display. With the ability to showcase all the colors of the rainbow in a single clock, this kit features large digital displays for rich color representation. The clock offers 13 menu settings for different functions and effects. 

- Large digital display for clear visibility
- Customizable colors for each number with 13 built-in options
- Automatic gradient effect with 5 aurora rainbow colors
- Utilizes high-brightness 5050 full-color LED design
- Touch button setting menu with voice feedback and LED backlight feedback

Experience a clock that not only tells time but also adds a colorful and interactive element to your space with the Clock DIY Kit Rainbow Digital Tube Clock Kit.

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