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CamoTune Wired Headphones

CamoTune Wired Headphones

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**Meta Description:** Explore the versatility of the Camouflage-Patterned Earphones, serving as general, noise-cancelling, monitoring, and gaming earphones among others. With camouflage color options and high-quality features like noise cancellation and high fidelity, these headphones are designed for various audio needs.  
**Content:** Discover the diverse functionality of the Camouflage-Patterned Earphones, designed to cater to a wide spectrum of uses including everyday listening, noise cancellation, monitoring, voice communication, computer and mobile phone usage, music enjoyment, high-fidelity audio, and gaming.

These headphones feature a camouflage pattern in color options including desert yellow, gray, navy blue, and red. With a head-mounted wearing method, 3.5mm plug, and moving coil sound principle, these earphones offer a frequency response range of 20-20000Hz, impedance of 20ohm+/-15%, and a sensitivity of 117dB+/-3dB for clear and dynamic audio.

- Type: Headphones, Headphone Type: Headphones
- Wearing Method: Head-mounted, Headphone Output Source: PC Computer
- Plug Diameter: 3.5mm, Plug Type: Straight Plug
- Sound Principle: Moving Coil, Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
- Impedance: 20ohm+/-15% (Ω), Sensitivity: 117dB+/-3(dB)
- Distortion Rate: 0.05%, Wire Length: 2.2m
- Horn Diameter: 50mm, Earplugs/Earmuffs Material: ABS Plastic + Imitation Protein Leather
- Headphone Cable Material: Braided Wire

Unleash the versatility of the Camouflage-Patterned Earphones, offering a range of features and applications to meet your diverse audio needs. Ideal for various settings and uses, these headphones provide high-quality sound and comfort for an immersive listening experience.

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