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GleamStream LED Pet Oasis

GleamStream LED Pet Oasis

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Meta Description: Explore the Futuristic Pet Oasis with captivating LED lights, a stainless steel top for durability, and a quiet, intelligent pump. Encourage your pet to hydrate with the 360° multi-directional flow design.
Content: Step into the future with the Futuristic Pet Oasis: Automatic Cat Water Fountain. This innovative fountain is designed to provide continuous fresh water for your cat with the added feature of captivating LED lights. The stainless steel top ensures both durability and cleanliness, while the intelligent pump, known for its quiet operation, includes an LED indicator for convenience. The 360° multi-directional flow encourages your pet to stay hydrated and engaged, making drinking more enjoyable and beneficial for their health.

Package Contents:
Automatic cat fountain *1


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