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Arabic Hookah Accessories Silicone Smoke Bowl

Arabic Hookah Accessories Silicone Smoke Bowl

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**Product Information:**

**Product Name:** Seven-hole Silicone Cigarette Bowl  
**Material:** Silicone  
**Color Options:** Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red  
**Smoke Pot Height:** 8.8cm  
**Weight:** Approximately 130g  

Upgrade your hookah setup with the Arabic Hookah Silicone Smoke Bowl. Elevate your smoking experience with this high-quality silicone accessory, offering superior smoke quality and easy cleaning for convenience during your smoking sessions.

**Packing List:**  
- Smoke Bowl x1  

Enhance your hookah sessions with the Seven-hole Silicone Cigarette Bowl, designed to provide optimal smoke quality and easy maintenance, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free smoking experience.

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