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Cat or Dog for Cats Feeder Bowls

Cat or Dog for Cats Feeder Bowls

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Meta Description: Provide your cat with an optimal feeding experience using "Cat or Dog for Cats Feeder Bowls." Elevated design for better digestion, reduced neck strain, and anti-slip base for cleanliness.
Content: Elevate your cat's dining experience with the "Cat or Dog for Cats Feeder Bowls." Designed specifically for feline friends, these bowls offer elevated heights to promote improved digestion and reduce neck strain. The anti-slip base ensures a mess-free mealtime, keeping your cat's eating area tidy. Choose these feeder bowls for a convenient and enjoyable feeding solution for your beloved pet.

Product name: Shanshuifang automatic water feeding double bowl
Product capacity: 1500ml
Product size: L365*D145*H230m m
Product material: ABS/AS/PP
Product color: snow mountain white, starry blue

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Drinking fountain x1

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