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3D Broken Wall Starry Sky Universe Planet Wall Sticker

3D Broken Wall Starry Sky Universe Planet Wall Sticker

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Product information:

Transform your room into a celestial wonderland with the 3D Broken Wall Starry Sky Universe Planet Wall Sticker! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the universe with this mesmerizing wall decal that brings the stars, planets, and galaxies into your space. Create a dreamy atmosphere with this 3D wall sticker that adds depth and magic to any room. Explore the wonders of the cosmos right at home with this enchanting and captivating wall decor piece.

Material: PVC
Design and color: color
Function: Anti-fouling, beautify decoration
Style: cartoon style
Product Category: Mural
Pattern: Cartoon/Anime
Applicable space: children's room

Size information:
size: 60cm*90cm


1. First select the position to be pasted, clean it with a dry or damp cloth, and there should be no oil or water;
2. Simulate the position of the paste, and after you feel the effect is satisfied, remove the paste again, pay attention to the paste
Do not touch the adhesive on the back when you are using your hands;
3. After the paste is finished, use a cloth or other things to gently push and press from the center of the sticker to avoid air bubbles (if there are air bubbles, use a needle to smooth them out);
4. If there are creases on the wall sticker, it will not affect the overall effect after flattening it;
5. If you want to tear it off, it is best to blow it with a hair dryer and hot air for a while, and then slowly tear it off. After tearing it off, if there are marks on the wall, use a hair dryer to heat the mucous membrane, then peel it off by hand or wipe it off with an eraser. The intensity is appropriate, pay attention to the wall.

Packing list:

Wall Stickers*1

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