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Feather Spin 'n’ Play Toy

Feather Spin 'n’ Play Toy

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Meta Description: Encourage play and exercise in your cat with the engaging "Feather Spin 'n' Play" interactive turntable toy. Crafted from pet-safe materials, this toy provides a safe and enjoyable experience for your feline companion.
Content: Introduce your feline friend to the "Feather Spin 'n' Play" cat toy, an interactive turntable designed to stimulate natural instincts for play and exercise. This engaging toy features a feather attachment to capture your cat's attention and keep them active. Made from pet-safe materials, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable playtime experience for your beloved cat. The toy is lightweight at 475g, crafted from durable plastic, and available in color options including Orange-Blue and Yellow-Green. Each single box comes in a convenient size of 20 * 24 * 6.8cm (battery not included), making it a versatile and entertaining addition to your cat's play routine.Turntable*1

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